Past Projects Past Projects

I recently made a game on a team of four. We went through the entire game design process. This includes paper prototyping, testing, pitches, a design document, keeping up a scrum board, making a developer blog (linked as the dev blog), a business model canvas, a final report, and a postmortem. The game is liked here:

  • My game C. A. T.
  • The game is titled C. A. T. It is like Nintendogs but with a dark twist toward the end. It was developed in the Twine engine. Here is the main screen for the game

    Main Screen

    You will spend the game taking care of your cat and going through your normal life. Below is an example action being pet your cat

    Pet Cat

    The rich dialog and abundance of choices will suck any player into the game world. Many secrets await players adventurous enough to try C. A. T.